Hunger in the Capital Region

Feb 4, 2009 | General News

Hunger sometimes isn’t easy to see, so it’s hard to believe it exists in our own communities. Today even working families are increasingly finding themselves among the ranks of the hungry. And far too many seniors lead a fragile existence, regularly facing difficult tradeoffs when dealing with the essentials of living. To some the discussion to either pay for food, rent, utilities or healthcare becomes a difficult choice when there simply is not enough money to cover them all. State and federal budget cuts have decreased the amount of food the regional food banks can issue. is dedicated to help the fight against hunger in the Capital Region of New York. I ask every Co-op member to consider ways that you can help the less fortunate in your community. A small donation to your local food pantry can make a big difference. (Food Pantries in your area). Click here for information about the Galway Food Pantry.

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