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Jul 28, 2009 | Important News

Dear Co-op members. In order for us to continue our quest to lower our propane cost, stay independent and grow as a group, it is necessary to address the issue of leased tanks. Many of us can not afford to purchase a tank, so a leased tank has been the only alternative. The downside to leasing a tank is that you pay 30 cents more for each gallon of propane you buy. Most importantly with a company owned tank if the need arises to change venders you cannot easily transition to another propane supplier. As a group we need to stay independent so that our group is protected.

Because the Co-op is in the second year of a five year contract with Ferrellgas and because of the uncertainty of a continuation of that contract at the end of its term, it is necessary to prepare. I strongly advise every member who is just now joining our group to seriously assess your ability to purchase a tank. If you are a current member who is leasing a tank from Ferrellgas you may want to ask if you can purchase it. Tanks that are owned by our members assure us that we will never be in a position where a propane company uses company owed tanks to their advantage.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this matter or wish to arrange a tank purchase, please call us at 882-5445 or email us at

Very truly yours,

The Galway Fuel Co-Op Team

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