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Sep 4, 2009 | General News

We are in receipt of your correspondce dated August 31, 2009. After reading it carefully, we fail to see how either of the laws you’ve sited in your correspondence apply to the information contained on the Co-op’s website. In as much as the Co-op is not looking to engage in litigation with Blue Flame, what is posted on our web site is true and we don’t see any reason to remove it and will defend our right to express our members’ opinions. Our website is designed to inform not only our members, but also consumers who are assessing the various propane companies. The information contained on our site concerning Blue Flame came from former Blue Flame customers. The Co-op is simply echoing their sentiments. The alternative would be for us to post emails we’ve received from angry Blue Flame customers. Additionally, if anone is guilty of making false and misleading statements, it would be Blue Flame. Many ex-Blue Flame customers have told me that when speaking to representatives of Blue Flame about the Co-op, they were told that; the Co-op could run out of gas leaving the end user without fuel, the Co-op will go out of business, the Co-op will raise their prices, the Co-op does not offer emergency service and the Co-op has hidden fees, in addition to “you got to watch out for that Co-op.” All of the statements are clearly not true and designed to mislead, deceive and scare the customer.

View the rest of our exchange with Blue Flame in this document.

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