Propane Pricing

Sep 9, 2009 | General News

Many propane users have contacted us recently confused about the different deals that are being offered by the various propane distributors in the capital region. Honestly, some of the deals even have me confused, because they’re complicated, lack details and simply make no sense. There is no doubt that propane dealers have been forced to sharpen their pencils because of the Co-op’s aggressive pricing. The Co-op has and will continue to offer consistent fair pricing that can be clearly viewed on our web site unlike a propane distributor. Propane distributors have dropped their prices in the hopes of retaining their customers and maybe establishing a few new ones. If you are a Galway Co-op member, you have the distinction of being part of the largest propane Co-op in the United States. Local propane companies are fearful of the Co-op because we are making a difference in a number of different ways that impact communities across the capital region. One thing is certain, there is no better overall value in the propane industry and there is no better guarantee that your propane cost is being watched every day by scrutinizing eyes. Remember, we’re not here to make money, where here to save you money.

Help us keep propane cost down in the Capital Region by joining the Galway Co-op and telling your distributor it’s to little to late, it’s time to change.

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