“Market Rate”

Apr 19, 2010 | General News

In their never ending quest to trap you, some propane companies are offering a ìFirst Year Special Deal.î The way it works is; you sign up with them, they give you a guaranteed low price for the first year. At the end of that year you are then priced at the ìMarket Rate.î The key word is ìMarket Rate.î What is that? I can’t explain it, you have to call them (Suburban, Amerigas, etc..) But, if you ask me, it sounds like the ìMarket Rateî is whatever they want it to be. Here’s how it works; first they dangle the carrot by giving you the teaser rate, then after a year they raise the price. When you fall of your seat and call them about the new rate, they say, “well since you called we can do a little better.” Then you think, well their tanks are already here, they are going to drop the price a little and I’m tired of arguing with themÖ.. THEY GOT YA!

Things to ask when shopping for a distributor: Explain ìMarket Rateî? Is there any guarantee? Is there a set up fee? Is there a tank rental fee? Is there a minimum use fee? Are there any other fees that will show up on your bill outside of the fuel cost?

If you do some research you will find there is no better deal than ours. If you ask around you will find that some of the folks you know, are buying their fuel through the Co-op. We gain 1,000 members a year simply because we offer the best pricing and service. We are making a difference.

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