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May 12, 2010 | General News

Donation will help with upgrades at St. Mary’s Hospital in Amsterdam
By Jessica Harding
Gazette Reporter

AMSTERDAM A Galway family is donating money to St. Mary’s Hospital through their fuel cooperative. Michael Casadei, founder of the Galway Co-op, a nonprofit company that purchases propane and other fuels for its 3,000 residential and commercial members, said he is donating $5,000 to the hospital in honor of his brother-in-law, Dr. Ronald Marsh. Marsh has been a general surgeon at St. Mary’s for the last 19 years, Casadei said. The donation will go toward updating the hospital operating room’s laparoscopic equipment, specifically toward the purchase of high-definition monitors. The $5,000 donation will be only a small part of the expected $200,000 upgrade cost. According to Marsh, the equipment has an autofocus capability and other ìbells and whistles.î Casadei said he decided to donate to the hospital after having conversations with Marsh and other hospital administrators and realizing that hospitals face financial problems like any institution, and are especially dependent on government dollars. ìTo the patient it appears that hospitals and doctors are making gobs of money and that really isn’t the case,î he said. ìIt costs a lot of money to run a hospital.î

According to Marsh, the hospital has had a freeze on any capital expenses over a certain amount of money, which meant the operating room was not able to update its equipment in a timely manner. Casadei said he is also trying to organize a yearly balloon festival fundraiser for St. Mary’s Hospital, and planning has already started. A Glens Falls-based balloon company that is a member of the fuel co-op would highlight the festival. ìI think it would be a great day for families and a good revenue source for the hospital,î he said. In the past, donations from the Galway Co-op have been made to breast cancer and autism causes and to local food pantries, but Casadei said the company is now looking to support local hospitals.

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