Aug 22, 2014 | General News

As a record number of Suburban Propane customers leave Suburban to become Galway Co-op members, we have received a fair amount of phone calls from folks telling us that Suburban had told them that our fuel supplier (Ferrellgas) ran out of propane last winter. One of the things that has always bothered us about the propane industry is the ridiculous rumors, accusations and innuendos that some propane distributors subscribe to in an futile attempt to keep customers from leaving them. Not only is this business practice unethical, more importantly it adds to the dislike that many people have for an industry plagued with complaints. I understand how frustrating it must be when a business that used to have a strong share of the market finds itself not able to compete, but that does not justify spreading lies about your competitors. Ferrellgas is one of the largest propane distributors in North America. The Galway Co-op is the largest fuel co-op in the United States. We have plenty of propane and we sell it for less – that’s the truth.

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