The Party’s Over.

May 19, 2016 | General News

So here is what happens when you start a fuel co-op that attracts all the folks that are tired of being hosed by their fuel company and as a result you become the biggest fuel co-op in the US. Those same fuel companies then monitor our web site and facebook page so they can deal more effectively with the customers that are telling them that they’re leaving them and going with……….yes, that’s right…..the Galway Co-op. In return, what we get is angry fuel distributors posting untruths, accusations, innuendos and threats on our facebook page and other internet sites. To ALL the fuel companies out there that got fat on the backs of their customers, the party seems to be over. We’ve taken on over 15,000 members in 9 years. If you think posting on our page is going to change things, you need a reality check.

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