Bad Business

Jan 9, 2017 | General News

We started the Galway Co-op in 2006. Our original propane supply contract was with Heritage Propane. Back in May of 2008 Heritage Propane notified us that they were changing the terms of our agreement which would allow Heritage Propane to increase their margins thus, raising the cost of propane to our members. After careful consideration our founder did not agree to the change. At that time we had only 178 members. We contacted several competing propane companies and asked them for proposals to supply our members. After careful review of the proposals we decided on Ferrellgas. Our decision was not solely based on price. We meet with two representatives from Ferrellgas, Mike O’Brian and Doug Muha. Mike and Doug gave us the added confidence to go with Ferrellgas. We also received a thank you phone call from Ferrellgas’s CEO, Steve Wombold.

We didn’t want to change but, we weren’t going to let corporate greed dictate the terms of what seemed to be a mutually beneficial business arrangement. Once Heritage Propane realized we were moving on, one of their VP’s tried to salvage the relationship. By then it was too late. We had signed a new agreement with Ferrellgas. Our decision to change created a lot of work for both us and Heritage Propane but the end result made it worthwhile. And we would do it again if need be.

Very simply put, we work for our members, not for fuel companies. And the strength of our membership is the driving force behind our success.

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