Propane Delivery Problems

Feb 9, 2018 | General News

Recently some of our members have experienced delivery issues with Ferrellgas. We have assisted those members who have reached out to us, and in doing so, gained a lot of insight. We recently met with the Operations Manager from Fellellgas and discussed the cause and effect of their delivery problems. Because the Galway Co-op/Ferrellgas partnership has made Ferrellgas the largest fuel distributor in the Capital Region, we feel it is extremely important that Ferrellgas has a safeguard measure that will prevent any customer/member from even coming close to running out of propane in the future. At the same time, we would like to point out that other propane companies also struggled through the same delivery issues Ferrellgas recently worked their way through. We have proposed that the Galway Co-op buy propane delivery trucks (bobtails) and work with Ferrellgas in servicing our members. This would be an additional layer of manpower and equipment to ensure deliveries are made under any circumstances. This arrangement if put in place would be as unprecedented in the industry as is the success of our Co-op. And unprecedented measures are conceived when when the need is great and all other measures failed.

No one wants to think they may run out of propane, and Ferrellgas gets that. I think that our proposal is a win win and we will be reporting back to you once we complete our talks with Ferrellgas.

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