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What’s this discount Propane & Fuel Oil thing? has a propane and fuel oil cooperative program. We have negotiated on behalf of our members with a number of local dealers for a fixed margin over the wholesale price. The margin is always less than the supplier margin charged to non-members.

The wholesale price fluctuates on a daily basis according to the market. The good news is that the price does go down as well as up! ( The fixed margin that is added to the wholesale price for members is typically less than what our participating propane dealers charge the general public.

How can I get the Galway Co-op price? Are there qualifications I must meet?

There are no qualifications to meet. In order to take advantage of our pricing, you first need to become a member. Membership is open to everyone within the areas we cover. Although you can join the Galway Co-op at any time, our membership year starts June 1st and runs through May 31st. The only guideline to becoming a member of the propane cooperative program is that your service address must within a territory that we service – please call to see if your town is included in our service area or check our Areas Serviced page.

How much is membership?

Membership is $35 a year, unless you are age of 65 or over, heating with propane only, or an active member of the military, heating with propane only, then membership is free (proof of age or military service required annually). Membership is valid the day you join until May 31st. Our membership application is available online, click here to enroll.

How long does this process take?

Once we receive your application and membership fee a representative from Ferrellgas or Charlton Oil will contact you to discuss billing options, delivery schedules and tanks. If you are using propane and own your own tanks a pressure test will need to be done prior to filling your tank. If you are using another distributor’s tank, it could take up to 4 weeks to get out to your property and disconnect the tanks that are there now and install our company owned tanks. If you wish to purchase tanks it takes approximately 4 days lead time. If you’re getting set up for heating oil the process takes 20 minutes.

How do I know what the price is?

The daily price for our fuels are posted on the Fuels Pricing page of our website. If you want the wholesale price for heating oil, you can call our office at 518 882-5445.

Can I have same day delivery?

Most of our propane company and oil partners can do same day delivery, typically if you call first thing in the morning, you can have a same-day delivery. The exact cut-off time varies a bit with each company that we work with.

What about service?

All of the propane and oil companies that we work with offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of the propane and oil companies also offer service contracts. Service contracts are between you and the propane or oil company, they are not part of the Galway Co-op membership.

How about fixed pricing?

We do offer fixed pricing. Many of our participating propane and oil dealers offer fixed pricing, but in my opinion buying over wholesale is less expensive in the long run.

Do you always have the lowest cost on fuel?

We can’t always promise to have the lowest price. Sometimes a discount fuel company will get a really cheap load of fuel and be able to sell it for less than the Galway Co-op price. However, we are typically lower than what area fuel distributers are selling it for over the course of a year.

Is this propane & fuel oil somehow different?

No – the fuel oils in the truck are being delivered to both Galway Co-op members and the propane company’s regular customers.

Am I locked into buying from you?

No – by joining you are able to access our pricing but you are not locked into buying from us. If you find a cheaper price somewhere else, go for it! (in general, you will need to own your own tank to purchase from multiple vendors).

I have two houses that need propane and/or fuel oil delivered, do I need more than one membership?

Yes, each membership covers one delivery address (additional memberships can be purchased to cover other locations).

Does the Galway Co-op offer discounts on other products or services?

Yes – In some areas we offer discounts on trash removal and discounts on heating supplies, equipment and entertainment.

Can I buy a tank from the Galway Co-op?

Yes – There are various size tanks that are designed to be both above and below ground. Call us to determine what tank is right for your needs.

Can I leave & rejoin the Co-op?

Recently, the Galway LLC has received several New Customer Set Up Forms from former Co-op members seeking to re-join our organization. We have decided to reject these applications and I would like to take this opportunity to explain that decision.

The Co-op was designed so that members could collectively show a high level of usage in order to obtain lower fuel prices. Its purpose was not, however, intended for members to use Co-op pricing to negotiate better individual pricing with an outside fuel distributor. When a member elects to leave the Co-op for the promise of better individual pricing, the member in effect takes away from the very tool that allow the Co-op to negotiate our pricing – usage. When a member takes the usage with which the Co-op bargains and then commits that usage to a non-Galway Co-op provider, it may help that former member but it fails to show respect for the Co-op and our efforts. It is precisely the group effort that allows the Galway Co-op to maintain lower negotiated pricing. Individuals have every right to seek better pricing on their own, however they shall not do so at our group’s expense.

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