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All Co-op members and potential members are encouraged to contact us to insure you are registered to take advantage of the great fuel pricing we have established with our suppliers.

Like all propane companies, the Co-op’s propane pricing is based on the wholesale price which fluctuates regularly. The Co-op has negotiated with Ferrellgas on a scaled fixed number above the current posted wholesale price based on usage. Your individual price is determined by how much propane you use annually. Because of our group buying power and the negotiated pricing, we are assured the lowest possible propane pricing around for the next five years. View our Areas Serviced page for our delivery coverage locations.

This Week’s Propane Spot Price:

Your cost is based on the current wholesale price per gallon ($0.90. as of 6/10/2024) plus*:




Yearly Usage in Gallons
1 - 200 gal.
201 - 400 gal.
401 - 700 gal.
701 - 1500 gal.
1501 - 2999 gal.
3000 gal. +
Customer Owned Tank
+ $2.10 per gal.
+ $1.25 per gal.
+ $ .70 per gal.
+ $ .60 per gal.
+ $ .40 per gal.
+ $ .40 per gal.
Ferrel Gas Owned Tank
+ $2.40 per gal.
+ $1.55 per gal.
+ $ 1.00 per gal.
+ $ .90 per gal.
+ $ .70 per gal.
+ $ .50 per gal.

The Co-op reserves the right to change the premium you pay above the wholesale price (spot) upward or downward without advanced notice.

*Please note; If you chose to be a “will call” member instead of a “scheduled delivery member,” please add $0.10 per gallon.

Ferrellgas will provide to each individual Co-Op member the following at no additional charge:

  1. Above ground Tank(s) of Appropriate size at no additional charge.
  2. High and low Pressure regulators as necessary.
  3. Initial Purge of the tank (if necessary)
  4. 24hr Emergency Service
  5. Free test performed upon delivery of first propane order for new customers.
  6. Pressurized Gas Safety system check on leased tanks prior to propane fill including:
    1. Pressure testing the entire propane system; Inspecting the tank, piping, regulator, gauges, connectors, valves, vents (thermostats, pilots, burners and appliance controls).
    2. Advising the Cooperative member of the safe and efficient ways of operating their system, and addressing such ‘duty to warn’ concepts as familiarizing them with the odor of propane and leaving instructions on what should be done in the event that the odor of propane is detected.
    3. Providing Emergency and Service numbers for Direct call.
    4. One year service warranty on all service work performed.
    5. Please listen below for more tank related information.


⇒You can save 30¢ per gallon by purchasing your own tank!

  ⇒To purchase a tank by filling out a form and mailing a check to us, CLICK HERE.

  ⇒For more information on propane tanks, CLICK HERE.

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