Current Members Renew your Annual Membership…

Thank you for renewing your Galway Co-op Membership. Please print out and mail in your renewal application with your check. The annual renewal membership is $35.00 payable via check.

• Paying via check?

If you need a renewal form please fill out & print the membership renewal form linked below with your payment and send it in to us (our address is included at the bottom of the form) by June 1st each year. If your renewal is not received by June 1st there will be a $10.00 dollar late charge that will apply (no exceptions). The total due at that time will be $45.



Not renewing your membership will result in a price increase in your fuel (oil and/or propane) or possible termination of your service(s). LLC assumes no responsibility for a vendor price increase or termination for their service to non-co-op members. Galway LLC is under no obligation to renew a membership once it is delinquent.

Membership Late Fee
As our members realize, every year, before June 1st, the yearly membership fee is due. After several years of chasing past due accounts, we decided to assess a $10.00 late fee, in addition to the $35.00 membership fee. Of course, the only people that are opposed to the late fee are those who are late. In most cases these folks are late every year. In many cases it takes several notices and phone calls before payment is made. Sometimes it takes a notice advising the individual that they are no longer a member.

As with our membership fee, there is an expense also associated with chasing delinquent accounts. We could build that expense into our membership fee but, that wouldn’t be fair to our members who pay on time. Some creative members have tried to rejoin after their membership has been cancelled for non-payment, in an attempt to avoid the late fee, only to find that they can’t rejoin. Please help us by getting your renewal in on time.
Thank you.

All checks returned for insufficient funds will be subjected to a $35 returned check fee.

Thank you again for choosing Galway LLC! You’re going to love the way we save you money.

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