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REFFERAL BONUS. We value your commitment to our effort, so Ferrellgas is offering you up to $50.00 each time you refer a new residential or commercial propane customer to them. It’s their way of saying ìthank you” for becoming a member and letting your friends, neighbors and family know how they can save on their fuel costs (refer someone & benefit by clicking the Propane Referral Program link).

Testimonials. . .

I just called FG and ordered more propane. The girl was very helpful and their ppg was the same as what was listed on your site.
I have had some pretty traumatic experiences with propane companies and this is sooo much better and straight-forward. It felt just like a normal business transaction!…refreshing 🙂
Thank you for your help and best of the season!

Mary Theresa

Very good service from Ferrell Gas on hook up of generator. Once again honesty, & explaition of ser. will pay off. Between the co-op and Ferrell gas partnership, I see nothing but more customers & growth.. thank you.

Craig & Denise

Tara, Thank you. I received the paperwork from Charlton Oil today, along with your email. I was also able to refer a new customer to FerrellGas, although I do not currently use gas at my residence. My friend will also be switching over to Charlton Oil for both her and her mother-in-law’s oil needs as well as service contracts. Keep up the good work. She couldn’t believe the savings over Suburban, her previous oil and gas supplier, for many, many years!

OMG! You’re prices over the winter were so much better than my old company.

Sue G

Saratoga Springs

You guys have saved me so much money.

Ken S


I am so glad I found you. I am saving almost $1.00 a gallon on propane.

Benny A


I’ve been a member since 2007. I don’t know how you do it, but I m so glad you do what you do. Bless you.

Ann L


For 4 years I studied the prices on your website waiting for them to be more than what I was paying GA Bove. It never happened. I will be a member for life.

Mario G


My husband said you’re prices were too good to be true. As usual he was wrong. The Co-op has saved us so much money over the last 3 years. Thank you so much.



We’ve been a member since the Co-op stared in 2006. Rick at the Cock and Bull told us about the Co-op one night and we joined the next day. You should look into getting a discount on cell phone service. Happy 4th of July.

Pat & John P


When Randy V. told me he had joined the Galway Co-op and he was saving money, I went to your website and couldn’t believe the price of oil. I called my company and they said your prices would go up. That was complete horse-shit! I am now saving 40 cents a gallon. I go to the Co-op website and I can see what the spot price is 24-7. I tell everyone about the Co-op. Thanks for making a difference.

Paul W


I figured out that I’ve saved almost $3,000 on propane over the five years that I have been a Co-op member. That’s a lot of money. If I have invested that savings in the Vanguard Money Market Index today I’d have enough money to buy a boat.

Berry C


I want to thank you. You have made a big difference in our monthly expenses. We save on propane and garbage collection. It’s just made it easier for us. Thank you for your help.

The McDonald Family


I’ve got to tell you that I thought the Co-op would never fly. You guys have rocked the area. My mailman told me about the Co-op. I get my propane and oil from your guys. When I called Blue Flame to tell them I was switching to the Co-op the girl got snotty with me. I said- look honey, you don’t pay my bills, come and get your tank. It took them two weeks to get the thing out of here.

Betty H


Thank you very much for stopping in. I’d been thinking about switching for awhile. Tri County’s prices were crazy. You are saving me money and that’s the important thing. Thanks.

Maryann R


Where have I been? I just found out about your company from Larry C. This is great. I’ll tell my neighbors.

Rhonda J

Glens Falls

Peter B. told me to look at your website. I spoke to Mike on the phone this morning and I sent my check in. Your prices are so much better than Suburban’s. Glad Pete told me about you.

Bart S


I called Buhrmaster Oil and asked them to stop making deliveries to me and that I was going with another company. They never offered to lower their price. I guess business must be real good over there. I am now saving about 60 cents a gallon with you. Keep it up.

John S


Pete at East Cove in Lake George told my husband about your group. He said he saved a lot of money by switching to you. We’re looking forward to saving too. Thanks.

Mary & Ron P

Glens Falls

I spoke to Michael this morning on the phone and he answered all my questions. I just wanted to let you know that I spoke to Amerigas and told them what you suggested. They are now going to sell me the tank. Thank you for walking me through the steps. I was beginning to think I’d have to stay with Amerigas.

Stan M

Fort Plain

Your program is so much better than anything else out there. I can’t believe there are people out there who have no idea that the Co-op exists. I’ll do my best to spread the word. Send me one of your signs. Regards.

Mitch F

Saratoga Springs

It took me 8 years to find a company that does business the right way. I called Ferrellgas and told them I’m at my camp and I m out of gas. The girl looked up my account and saw I was a Galway Co-op member. They got to me within three hours. If I were still with Suburban it would have taken them three days. What a difference. Great Job.

Dick O

Saratoga Lake

Since I switched to your company my oil furnace doesn’t stink anymore. I never knew that there are companies out there selling crap oil. Thanks for the eye opener.

Sam T

West Milton

I keep threatening Suburban that I’m going to go with the Co-op and they would lower my price. I get my bill and look at your pricing on your site and I m paying more again. This is crazy. My check is on its way. I’m done with them. I know I should of joined a long time ago, but here I am- better late than never.

Barb D


I said to Paraco- take your tanks and shove them. They must think I’m stupid! The guy said to me that he gives me great service. Does that mean they can charge me 95 cents more per gallon?


I found the Co-op online. I’ve been shopping for a new propane supplier for several months. You have the best prices and I like that you give back. You can put a sign on my lawn if you like. Check is in the mail.

Linda T


I love the Galway Co-op. Keep up the great work.

Nick D


I’ve been using propane at my house and camp for 27 years. I’ve been through three companies. My son told me about you folks many times. He printed some things out for me about your company. I called yesterday and spoke to a man who says he started the companyHe said what my son gave me is correct. I wanted to come and talk to him but he said he has an office in his house in Galway and didn’t see people there. He said he’d come and see me. He came to my camp and I joined. I like doing business like that. Thank you Michael and good luck to you.

Frank K


I heard about your group from a bartender our in Galway who I met at a Proud to be Gay meeting. He said you have the best prices, so I went to your site. Your price for oil is simply wonderful! I am so glad the little fella told me about you. Taa Taa!

Felix B


Mike from Ferrallgas was a great help. He made sure everything went smooth with my installation. Thanks a million.

William T


I’m glad you convinced me to switch. I’m saving a lot of money. I had been with Bhurmaster for many years. Now I’m yours forever.

John B


Eric S. hung a flyer in our coffee room about the co-op. He put a lot of nice things about you on it. I called and talked to Ben- he was very helpful. Thanks Ben.

Rory R

Lake George

When I called to tell Amerigas I was going to switch to you they started their B___ S___ about how you don’t give good service and that crap. I probably would have stayed with them if they didn’t act like jerks. My son is joining too. I talked to Jen a bunch of times and she answered all my dumb questions. Thanks for everything.

Victor Q

Fort Plain

This is a really good idea. I love saving money.

Ronnie V

Yesterday I called because I smelled gas in my kitchen. I don’t remember the name of the man I was talking with by the called Ferrellgas and they called me. They were here in two hours. WOW! It turns out one of the knobs on my stove won’t turn all the way off. The man at the co-op could have just told me to call Ferrellgas. He took the time to help and I appreciate it. I got the feeling Ferrellgas came quickly because your guy called them. Many thanks whoever you are.

Lynda D


I live on Saratoga Lake and I’m joining because my propane company is robbing me and they’re robbing you. I saw one of ———- men get out of his truck and take down one of your signs from a telephone pole. I’m the woman that called you about that incident. Make them pay!

Pat M

Saratoga Lake

I’ve been buying propane for over 40 years. This is the first time I felt like I wasn’t getting screwed. Good job on your prices.

Chuck P

Glen Lake

You guys are just GREAT!

Bert P


Free Propane
I want to thank the Galway Co-op for showing me a way to further cut my propane cost for the winter. Just by talking to friends and co-workers about how much money I’ve saved by being a member 5 people joined that use propane and I got $375 in referral credit. $375.00 is half of my yearly heating cost. I love it!

Donna S

Middle Grove

I use propane and oil. I’ve been with you folks for a few years now. When I joined I wasn’t sure if I was making a smart move. We couldn’t be more pleased. This year I’ve been spreading the word. I’ve been referring people and the free propane will help our budget. Thanks.

Peter L

Lake George

This program is great! I’m very much into networking. I’m involved with a few other referral programs but none of them are as beneficial to me as this one. I’ve saved so much money using the referral program I now have the money to buy hair plugs, lifts for my shoes and a lifetime membership to Match.com and two tickets to the Berry Manilow concert.

Marc C


My son referred me to the co-op in 2005. I was with Amerigas for 13 years. I took the time to calculate how much money I would have saved if I were a coop member during that time. †I would have saved $8,100 not counting the two referrals a year that I have submitted since I have been a member. That’s a lot of money. We are glad our son found you and hope you can do something about Time Warner sometime.

John W


O.M.G! Thank you, thank you, thank you. The referral program is a lifesaver for me. I tell everyone about the Galway Co-op. I have one of your signs on my lawn. My neighbors have all joined and the referral money is what we use to take the family to Six Flags.

Lynn P


My son is a big fan of yours. He had so many referrals last year his propane bill was zero. Do you need a salesman?

Danny B


It’s a great program. I had to call Ferrellgas a few times to get my credit but it was worth it. I’ll keep them coming. Thanks

Barb B


I didn’t even know about the referral program until my aunt told me she got credit when I became a member last year. I’m going to tell everyone at work.

Phil R


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