J&R Welding Supply and J&R Fuel Supply Company

Apr 29, 2014 | General News

As some members are aware, in the past we have sub-contracted propane tank installs to J&R Fuels and J&R Welding, located on Route 50 in Ballston Spa. It has come to our attention that a number of installs were not done correctly. More impotently, some members have informed us that some tank installations by J&R did not meet the New York State Department of Transportation’s safety rules and regulations. Further, we have been advised by members that the equipment that appeared on some of J&R’s tank installation estimates was never installed by J&R, despite them having been paid for it. In an effort to resolve these matters, we requested that J&R Welding Supply and J&R Fuel Company refund the money for the parts and associated labor time that they allegedly wrongfully collected, but, through a law firm representing J&R Welding Supply and J&R Fuel Company, they have denied any wrong doing. We asked that they forward us copies of their records relating to the tank installs so we could compare them with ours, but, they refused to forward them. As a result we have held back several of their invoices until there is a resolution.

We have been cautioned by the law firm representing J&R Welding Supply and J&R Fuel Company to not make disparaging remarks about their client. We advised the firm that we had a right to speak the truth and we would only advise our members of the circumstances as we know them and echo any remarks that were made by members. It appears that we are going to be litigating the matter. As things start to progress, we will keep you informed by posting all documents on our web site under the tab that reads “Pandora’s Box.”

I’m sure you all will be glad to know that the Co-op and Ferrellgas is now installing members tanks, and as in the past, we stand behind each install 100%.


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